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The most common question I receive :

Q - Are your anime cels/cards/boards/tarots/etc. for sale?
A - If they are on my
For Sale page, YES! This page has definite prices listed. If you see something else that you like, please keep reading!

Anime pencil boards / shitajiki - These all should now be up in the sale section.
Anime trading cards - As I finish scanning the cards, they will go up as well.
Anime tarot cards - The tarot decks are up for offers, but unless you are going to offer me a lot of money, you would be better off trying to buy them off eBay. I've spent a lot of money over the years getting them from various Japanese collectors & some are now widely available through US retailers (and for a lot less than I paid).
Anime CDs - all of these are up in the sale section.
Anime Videos / VHS - all of these are up in the sale section. I am getting rid of my Videos as I have purchased the DVDs for them (or in the very rare case the video wasn't my taste).
Animation cels - Anything in my Rubberslug gallery is up for offers. . I also have a very large cel section on my For Sale page. As for my gallery cels, I am selling them with a very few exceptions. It will take a lot of money to get my Sailor Moon, Inuyasha or Last Unicorn cels from my gallery, but I have been selling them. Take a look at anime-link.com's prices for guides if you want to offer. If you ask me how much I want for a cel, I will honestly answer, "I want 1,000,000.00$ for it" (wouldn't you like to get that much for a cel? ^_~)

Q - I sent you an email on XX date & you haven't responded yet. Did you get my email?
A - It is possible that I didn't receive it. If you *really* need to reach me, send an email to amweber-at-ryen.net. I am on a lot of mailing lists, so it is possible that your email got buried under list mail. That is why I set up an email especially for orders so I would be able to see them. Send them to my usual email & they will probably drown under waves of email. You can resend the email if you really want, but unless it has been more than 3 days, please just wait. ^^;;

Q - What is the junk on the screen? (i.e. ロロロロ)
A - It should be Japanese ^-^ You need to download a Japanese font to read it. I usually use MSGothic or MS Mincho.

Q - Where did your Fanart section go?
A - Fanart has been taken DOWN. All art done by Courtney has been taken down due to FRAUD by evadragon02_4 on eBay. This user was stealing scans of Courtney's art off of my page & selling them on eBay as drawings she had done.
Old eBay auction of the Fushigi Yuugi totem pole Courtney made for my birthday. All of the drawings I had featured in this section (Ryen, but also Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Yu Yu Hakusho & original) were drawings that Courtney had drawn & given to me (i.e. I have them in my possession). In the case of Ryen, Courtney created him just for me to cheer me up after my Uncle Tony died & it is very special to me.

Q - Can I have a larger scan of one of your cels so I can make a fan cel?
A - NO! I no longer have large scans. Last year there was a rash of IDENTICAL fan cels put on eBay, Yahoo & other places that were exact duplicates of my cels, specifically my Nuriko cels. There was even an error on one cel that has changes on a corrective layer which I did NOT scan. If the fan cels were done from a screen shot, they would not have had the error on them; these fan cels did. I pulled my FY gallery for a long time & will do so again if I ever see any of my cels for sale. Because I have no idea what large scans are going to be used for I no longer send out larger scans of any of my cels unless I know the person. If you want large scans of cards, tarots, boards, etc. just ask. I won't rescan an entire deck of tarots, but if you need a few I don't usually mind :)

Q - Why did you watermark (print "Ryen") all over your scans?
A - Because there is a lot of fraud going around & several cels have had their images stolen from galleries & sold on eBay, Yahoo, etc. As far as I know this has not happened to any of my cels, but my cel images have been used in other's galleries without my permission. I do not want my cels ANYWHERE but the ryen.net domain. I don't care if it is just an image gallery or a cel gallery. If you want the image that much offer to buy the original from me & you can have the scan when you own the cel.

Anything else? Just let me know!