Friends' Cel Galleries :

Anime Cel Incognito - Can't buy a Xellos cel to save your life? Here's why! LOL, just kidding! Karen's Xellos Collection is incredible & has to be seen to be believed ^-~
Drac's Blackhouse - not on-line right now But she has a very lovely gallery. ^^;;
Evilminion's Cel Gallery - *the* Slayers Gallery. Lots of other, really cool stuff cels as well as a really neat new CG sketch gallery. I love her new web design! :) Cindy is really funny, her comments always cracks me up.
Glass Heart - Kelly's beautiful Sailor Moon gallery, focusing on Sailor Moon & all of her incarnations.
Katana's Edge - Trish's cel collection is incredible. If you are a Rurouni-Kenshin fan, be prepared to drool!
Ladyhipoo - Wow! Sandra's Sailor Moon gallery is huge! I am really envious of her screen caps ^^;; Tons of nice cels & she is branching out into other series.
Pasiphae.net - She really has a nice sense of design (plus nice cels! :) and I really like how she has links to other cel galleries with similiar cels on every page.
Of Absurdities, Injuries, and Emotive Eyes - Jasmine's gallery, also arranged by Seiyuu!
Saiyan Wolf's Lair - Sheri's gorgeous gallery - full of Yu Yu Hakusho goodness! :) Lots of Yu-Gi-Oh!, HunterXHunter, Inuyasha & CLAMP works.

On-Line Stores :

All of these stores I have dealt with & would not hesitate to deal with again and again and again :)

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Anime Chaos
Anime Museum (formally Anime Taro)
Asylum Anime
Usagi's House

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