Elle's Dolls! ^-~ - Has lots of customised 1/6 dolls - lots of elves & other fantasy characters!

Lucifer, CEO's Live Journal

My collection of HTML - Urm.... I admit, I'm an html geek. I collect pretty code. :P These are here so I can do odd tables on the fly when I'm way from my comp.

Blizzard.com - I am a Diablo II LOD addict. Anyone know anything else to wean me off of it? I don't play well with others; several of my screen names were "blocked" by certain gaming parties since I tend to go hostile. I prefer to work alone. LOL *^-^*

Little Red Monkee - look at the monkee, funny monkee!
Waste Vital Minutes w/ Perpetual Bubblewrap - Pop those bubbles!

Luann - I have been reading this comic for years & years ^^;;
Dilbert - natch

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