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12/20/00 - Crunch time! People who can pay immediately with
paypal.com get priority over those who can't! ^^;;
Sailor Moon cels now have prices, please check out everything now linked on my
Cels Page.

Also, please check out my special Fushigi Yuugi
Nuriko cels - they are gorgeous!
Happy Holidays! ^_^

12/14/00 - Magic Knight RayEarth & Yu Yu Hakusho (beautiful Nova & Hiei cels!) on sale on my main Cels Page. Please let me know if it would be easier if I put prices up.

12/12/00 - Yet another Emergency Cel Sale. Unfortunately, this is for a Real Life™ Emergency, not me just wanting to get a dream cel :( In addition to below, I now need A LOT of money, so I am selling everything I have until I get it. This is really hard, but some things are more important than cels (I think.....;_;) Anyways, more cels will follow, I just have to do the HTML for it which is taking a long time.

As I need the money now, please do not order if you can not pay within 5 business days (1 week). You can pay instantly with
paypal.com ^^;;

Go to my main
Cels Page for more Cels For Sale. You will notice my Sailor Moon Gallery up. I will slowly incorporate the Cels For Sale from below as well as adding more series. However, right now I am working on getting my shitajiki collection on eBay. ^^ You can see what is up already here! Or you could just check out my For Sale section for a complete listing. Thank you! =^_^=

12/05/00 - Post Birthday Blowout! Heehee...Lots of stuff from my collection are now up for sale in order for me to generate some much needed revenue. I know that sounds bad, but it is actually for my parents! ^_~

Pencil Boards / Shitajiki For Sale
Items on Auction (only Cels for now)
Cels For Sale

12/01/00 - A few things today, first & most important : I have finally uploaded the
Fan Art Gallery. Check out my cousin's work. You've seen tons of it through out the site, but there is a lot more for your viewing pleasure ^_^. I have also uploaded the Fan Cels Gallery, located in the Cel Gallery.

I have a complete set of
72 cards from Fushigi Yuugi Movic Perfect Collection for sale on eBay. Bidding starts at 25.00$, or buy it for 40$.

Also, my birthday is coming up, get ready for a birthday sale to generate some quick cash for me ^^;;;; heehee....

11/28/00 - Urm....all new Sailor Moon cels in the
Sailor Moon Gallery. Sorry for constantly changing formats, I am flighty. ^^;; Also, the SM : MOTD Gallery is up due to Harry's CONSTANT NAGGING!!! heehee...

11/06/00 - I decided to put my Sailor Moon cel Gallery back up. You have my friend Trish to thank for that, she suggested using the smaller images with no link to a larger scan to deter theft. So!
Sailor Moon & Sailor Moon R Cel Galleries are now up!

11/02/00 - More Cards are up in the
Anime Trading Card Gallery!

10/20/00 - The
For Sale page is up! Sort of anyways....I put 25+ Sailor Moon cels on eBay & they are all linked there. I will have my permanent page up soon (I hope!)

10/13/00 -
Anime Tarot Card Gallery, News & Contact Pages are now up! I have also put up shell pages for the rest of the pages linked on the main page, so check back here for updates as to when they are actually "live"!

10/12/00 -
Animation Cel Gallery is up! Some of my dream cels (Inu Yasha) are up. Those are the ones that I had the Emergency Cel Sale for right before I closed my site @ ryen.simplenet.com.

09/30/00 - New pages starting to come up! The Pencil Board / Shitajiki Gallery & Anime Trading Card Gallery is now up!

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