2002 News Archive!

12/30/02 - Thanks to eBay's free listing day on 12/26 & the fact that California time is 3 hours behind me I have put up a few more auctions. 70 cels & Inuyasha items are now
up on auction at eBay. Please sure to look at all 10 pages! Thanks :)

12/26/02 -
Happy Holidays! I have 39 cels up on auction at eBay right now (3 pages!); please check them out & my cels in the For Sale section. Thanks!

12/12/02 - 5 pages of Sailor Moon up for sale in the
For Sale section.

12/10/02 - My computer broke & I had to blast it & then rebuild it so I haven't been answering email yet again. Sorry, I will try to catch up. If you feel that I haven't answered your email after a few days, feel free to send it again. Also, I am getting rid of most of my Sailor Moon collection, I have already pulled about 200 which will be up
for sale. For now, I have 3 pages up.

12/03/02 - Pre-birthday present for me! Cleo-kitty is going to be fine! I have him back & he has to be on antibiotics for 20 days & then have more tests, but the doctor says he will be fine!! =^_^=

Thank you to everyone who emailed me offers & who also just sent get-well soon wishes to Cleo, it was much appreciated!

Since my
Sailor Moon cel collection was the most decimated, I am re-doing them. The main part is done anyway, the rest will be done probably later in the week. Thanks again!

11/18/02 - New cels on eBay on my
For Sale page!

Also, I believe I have answered everyone that has sent in offers, so please feel free to email me again if you have not received an answer from me.

Also, this is not a silent auction type of thing. If I receive an offer I like I will accept it. I meant I would take offers on my cels UNTIL 11/30/02 period, not that each cel would not be decided until then.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me about Cleo =^-^=
We both appreciate it :D

11/12/02 - My cat is very sick & I need to raise as much money as possible as quickly as possible. He has a tumor which needs to be removed & they need to see if the cancer is removable as well, or if it has spread too much to be removed. All of these test & procedures are going to be very expensive & I am selling anything & everything that isn't nailed down in order to raise capital.

Therefore, most of my cels are up for grabs. There are only 10 or so cels that I really want to keep & there are some in my gallery that actually belong to my mother, but anything else is up for offers. I will take offers until the end of the month 11/30/02. I do accept payment plans as long as everything is paid for within 30 days time from start - i.e., when I send an email invoice accepting your offer & sending payment information.

I am selling my cels, anime trading cards, shitajiki & the anime tarots I can lay my hands on. Please stay tuned for a list of the above, I will try to work on them asap.

Cels that I want to keep will be "dyed" purple. All others (with the exception of the cels that belong to my mother I will entertain offers on. Please understand that I want to make as much money as I can, so please do not be offended if I turn you down. For the most part, I will not sell my cels for much less than I paid for them. If your offer is too low, I will tell you (as much as I can remember) what I paid for it so that you can retune your offer if you so desire.

Please visit my Cel Gallery and my For Sale page!

10/23/02 - More Cels on eBay starting at 1.00$. Only 3 have reserves :) You can view them on my
For Sale page!

10/03/02 - Last two days on my
1.00$ auctions!

09/26/02 & 09/27/02 - 16 Cels on eBay starting at 1.00$ with no reserve! Check them out on my
For Sale page! Thanks :)

09/09/02 - As a more aggressive (?) attempt to whittle my cel collection, I am putting more & more cels up on eBay just to "get rid of them" (ouch!) since they aren't selling on my page. Please check my
For Sale page as it will have a current link to what (if anything) is on eBay. Thanks!

Also, email might be slow until the end of the month, please bear with me. Thank you!

08/29/02 - New Sailor Moon Cels up
For Sale! The new cels for sale are also on sale. ^^;; Look for the red sale price. Also I have put a few cels on eBay.

08/28/02 - My Slayers Collection is now up
For Sale! Feel free to offer if the prices aren't yet set but don't be upset if I turn you down. ^^;;;

08/21/02 - Fushigi Yuugi cels now are on the main
For Sale page!

08/12/02 - I made a really cute
order form! Heehee....Thanks Christy! ^-^ Please use it to place an order with me. ^^;;

08/10/02 - Really cute Nuriko & Hotohori TV cel from Fushigi Yuugi on eBay. Fushigi Yuugi cels for sale! For more information - go to Cels For Sale page! Please note that FY has a special link & is not listed on the main cel for sale page.

08/05/02 - More really nice
Cels For Sale up! Rurouni-Kenshin, Escaflowne, Ushio to Tora, Voltron & YuYu Hakusho. Sailor Moon will be up later!

07/08/02 - Some really incredible (both in quality & price ) in the Cels For Sale! Marmalade Boy, Rurouni-Kenshin, Bakaretsu Hunter, Inuyasha 1997 Commercial, Bastard!, Tenchi Muyo, Key the Metal Idol, CLAMP cels, Urusei Yatsura, Ushio to Tora & The Vision of Escaflowne. This is the bulk & the best of my collection folks. Once they're gone, they're gone.

07/05/02 - More cels up For Sale! Also, new screen caps for my Zetsuai cels, thanks to Sabrina!

Happy 4th everyone, please be careful tomorrow!

07/03/02 - Marmalade Boy collection now up
For Sale! I have also modified the shipping & insurance rates to reflect the post office's change.

06/14/02 - I have added some cels to eBay - all great cels with the starting bid of 10.00$ & no reserve! Please check them out on my
Sale Page!

06/07/02 - There are more new
Cels for sale up on my page. Some prices are negotiable!

05/29/02 - There are a lot of new
Cels for sale up on my page. Some prices are negotiable!

04/29/02 -
1/2 Sale on all cels for sale for 7 days - Also, eBay auctions - Rurouni-Kenshin & Sailor Moon! The rest will be up tomorrow, but you can see a preview by looking at my sale page.

04/10/02 - New
cels for sale - Rurouni-Kenshin & RG Veda!

04/08/02 - Still slowly working on the Cel Galleries; most are finished! New cels on
eBay, please take a look! I'm also taking offers on my Slayers; I am only going to keep a couple.

02/26/02 - New & updated pages in my
Cel Gallery & more cels for sale.

02/21/02 - I am still in the process of re-doing my
Cel Gallery yet again, so watch out for disappearing/reapearing galleries! Most galleries will have new cels to them. Today, new cels posted to Vampire Princess Miyu & Fushigi Yuugi.

02/20/02 - New Cels up
for sale - Akai Hayate, Angel's Egg, Battle Athletes OAV & TV, Oh My Goddess OAV, Ranma 1/2

02/14/02 - New Cels up
for sale - Card Captor Sakura, Bakaretsu Hunters, Tenshi ni Narumon.

02/13/02 - New cels up in the
Cel Gallery - Last Unicorn, Zetsuai 89, Zetsuai Cathexis & Vampire Princess Miyu TV. I also re-did Rurouni-Kenshin & Ranma 1/2.

01/30/02 - The exodus continues with even more eBay auctions! You can either see all of them on my
site (with thumbnails & price information), or see them all on eBay.

01/25/02 - New eBay auctions! You can either see all of them on my
site (with thumbnails & price information), or see them all on eBay.

01/04/02 - New Galleries in my
Cel Gallery : Rurouni-Kenshin, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Twin Signal, Urusei Yatsura, Vampire Princess Miyu TV, Violinist of Hameln, VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire & Voltron (Go-Lion).

01/03/02 - New Galleries in my
Cel Gallery : Earthian, Fire Tripper, Laughing Target, Maris the Chojo, Moncalle Knights, Record of Lodoss War TV, RG Veda, Tokyo Babylon & Zetsuai 1989. I know that most of these cels have been up before, but for some reason I took them down. :P

I also added a
FAQ because I think I'm important enough to have one. ^^;; heehee...actually it is because I get a lot of emails about the same thing.

01/02/02 - I have added the following galleries to the
Cel Gallery : Battle Athletes OAV, Battle Athletes Victory TV, Fan Cels Made in Japan, Key the Metal Idol, Magic Knight RayEarth TV (Page 2 is my Nova Gallery ^-^), Marmalade Boy & Oh My Goddess! OAV.

I also added some cels to the following sections : Bakaretsu Hunters & Inuyasha TV (added a Rin cel to the Sesshoumaru section).

01/01/02 - Happy New Year!


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