2001 News Archive!

12/27/01 - I have updated the
Card Captor Sakura Cel Gallery with a new format. ^^;; My Sailor Moon Cel Gallery is now up as well. Although it is not exactly finished yet. ^^;; Please check it out when you have time.

End of the year sale until 31 December 2001 12A EST. Every cel on is on sale half price!
Cels For Sale.

11/14/01 - More Sailor Moon Cels For Sale is now up in the
For Sale section, as well as a Marmalade Boy Special (buy all the MB cels for 250$), B't X cels & Sailor Moon MOTDs for trade. I have a wishlist up for trading, please check out the page for links!

11/13/01 - I have deleted all of the Cels For Sale Pages because they were so outdated! I am in the process of putting up more stuff, so please check back. For now, one new page of
Sailor Moon Cels is up.

10/22/01 - I am now the proud owner of a
new car. ^^;; heehee...I actually bought it 10/18/01, but the pictures just got developed. So a lot of new cels will be going up for sale out of my collection because I need money! 0_o

10/19/01 - One new cel added to Inuyasha! Also, new galleries are now up, including Akai Hayate, Akazukin ChaCha, B't X, Bastard!!, CLAMP Campus Detectives, Cyber Formula, Cutey Honey Flash, Fan Cels, Fushigi Yuugi & X/1999!

10/16/01 - New cels added to Card Captor Sakura, Tenshi ni Narumon & Slayers! Also, more new galleries are now up - Ayashi no Ceres, Bakaretsu Hunters, Gundam Wing, Patariro & The Last Unicorn! My new Last Unicorn cel is HUGE. I have never seen a LU cel so big, it is about 2-3x the size of a regular movie cel. I had to work hard to get all of the unicorn scanned, the rest of the cel is just blank space.

10/15/01 - I'm back from all my business trips! I will be home for two whole weeks before I have to go to Kansas & New York, so here is hoping I get some things done. ^-^ For now, new cel galleries - Inuyasha 1997 Commercial, Vampire Princess Miyu OVA & Tenchi Muyo!

10/05/01 -
Happy Birthday Mom!
I'm home for one day, I'm leaving for Roanoke tonight & Memphis on Tuesday. Will be back Oct. 11th. But 2 new galleries are up! Ushio to Tora & Miyuki-chan in Wonderland are now up in the cels section.

09/30/01 - I will be out of town on business until October 11th, I'll answer all emails then. Also, I am re-working my website...The Cels Section has been re-done & I added cels to most galleries, including a new Tenshi ni Narumon gallery. The new gallery is mostly larger scans with "ryen" stamped on them & a combination of the English & Japanese versions. Now I only have to keep up one set. ^^;;

07/17/01 - New cels up in the
Card Captor Sakura Cel Gallery and Inuyasha TV Cel Gallery ^_^

06/29/01 - New cels up in the
Card Captor Sakura Cel Gallery (Yukito - yeah!:). Also, after LONG last, a new addition to my tarot card gallery - Gundam Wing Tarots are now up. And finally, people have asked me when more SM cels will go up for sale...when I clear out a whole page of cels (i.e. 12 cels total) I will upload more. ^^;; gomen ne!

06/08/01 - My Sailor Moon Collection is up for sale in the
For Sale section! ^^;;

Please allow some delay in my answering email, I am out of town on a business trip yet again & my email access is sporadic.

06/01/01 - The
Cel Gallery is now officially up! (yet again) Lots of new cels are up, please take a look if you are interested :D

04/18/01 - The
Cel Gallery is now officially up! Sailor Moon, CLAMP & Rumiko Takahashi are up for now. Also, pages 6 & 7 in the Cels For Sale are now up. More will follow as I seriously try to cut down on the amount of series I collect (no really!! - I am trying to keep it under 20 :P )

04/13/01 - Pages 4 & 5 in the
Cels For Sale are now up. My Cel Gallery is almost ready! :D

04/08/01 - Pages 1 - 3 in the
Cels For Sale are now up.

04/05/01 - Starting to put the new sale (cel) pages back up. As I unpack, cards, etc. will go up for sale, but I have to get to them first! Thank you for all of your emails. If I haven't answered you, please email me again. Thanks..

03/23/01 - I am going out of town March 24th - March 30th & I will be unable to access my email during that time. All emails will be answered (if the movers have hooked up my computer properly while I'm gone :P) when I return April 1st.

03/16/01 - Moving Sale - new end date for sale - March 23rd. I have to go out of town March 24th - March 30th on a business trip. Sorry :P

03/08/01 - Moving Sale!
Moving Sale! I will be moving soon; all cels I sell I will not have to pack. ^^;; So I am having my first ever sale.
Prices down on ALL cels listed. The price down will be in effect until 23 March 2001; when they will go back to regular price.
Payment MUST be received by 28 March 2001 in order to get the sale price.

03/02/01 - We are now in the final stages of moving!! Our closing day is the end of March, so I will buy a scanner once I am in the new house. Since I lost most scans (the ones that were not on the 'net), I will be updating then, more cels in galleries & for sale (gotta make room for my new cels!). ^_^ I am really close to my goal for Sailor Moon - i.e. one cel of every major villain, so if you are a fan, please check back later!

02/02/01 - New Cels for Sale up in
Sailor Moon! 5 pages are up, please check them out if you are interested. I am selling cels now (not to fix my car! YAY:) so I can buy Inuyasha TV cels & a new scanner since mine went kaput (see note below).

01/17/01 - Happy New Year! I have (mostly) finished my
Cel Gallery, please look if you're interested. Mostly old stuff.
My scanner went *kaput* so I am thinking of creating a "Coming Soon" sort of gallery - only with cels I actually have in-hand. I would be using the scans of the cels that the sellers made. I'm not really happy about it, so I'll have to think about it...

Also, new, more standardised (and revised since I sold most of them!) layouts for the
Anime Trading Card Gallery, The Shitajiki Gallery & The Anime Tarot Card Gallery. I actually have 4 new decks to scan in, but I don't have a scanner! ::gnashes teeth:: See what my scanner did to my *GORGEOUS* first season OP cel of Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon?

I also sort of messed with
Courtney's drawings (editing them with my pathetic paint-program) because I have no new ones to show. ;_;

hm....anything else I forgot? Oh! The sale pages are all missed up, lost most of my cel scans (-_-) so please be patient while I fix it all. I know you are all very interested in buying my cels! ^_~


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