2003 News Archive!

12/14/03 & 12/15/03 - More auctions on
eBay! A relisted Inuyasha at a lower price & lost of Japanese Volks dolls - ready for customization!

12/12/03 - More auctions on

12/09/03 - More Inuyasha & Card Captor Sakura cels in the
For Sale section.

12/01/03 - Last day on my auctions for Larva without a mask from Vampire Princess Miyu & a cel of Inuyasha on

I have Inuyasha & Card Captor Sakura back up in my
Cel Gallery. Where did the rest of my cels go? Inuyasha & Sailor Moon went to my Rubberslug Gallery! Take a look :D

11/25/03 - 5 more auctions up on
eBay! I am still working on my cel gallery - I soon hope to have an update where I am NOT selling things :P

11/07/03 - Final
eBay update! Whew! 6 more cels are up for auction, as well as 7 pencil boards & shitajiki.

11/06/03 - 11 more cels on
eBay. Again with 10.00$ starting bids and no reserve. Please take a look if you have time! Thank you! :)

11/04/03 - My ferret Mary Jane needs to have surgery so I have put up lots of anime cels
on auction with only a 10.00$ starting bid and no reserve. Please take a look if you have time! Thank you! :)

10/14/03 - I have finally finished updating my Shitajiki / Pencil Board Gallery & in a wild coincindence, put up my Shitajiki / Pencil Board collection up in the For Sale section.

09/25/03 - I am having a 50% off sale on all of my cels to celebrate getting my power back (well, to 1/2 of my house) only 6 days after Hurricane Isabel hit! I wasn't "scheduled" to get it back until 11PM tomorrow night, so I am really really happy. Well, except for the damage & trouble she caused. So, for 2 weeks, please take 1/2 off all prices listed on all cels in the
For Sale section.

09/11/03 - Lots of new tarot decks up in the
Anime Tarot Card Gallery. I have also updated my For Sale section with more cels.

08/27/03 - Nothing new, I just cleared out some cels that have been Traded / Sold in the
For Sale section.

08/16/03 - Please check out my
Auctions! Also, I have put up new cels in Inuyasha (movie cels) and 1 new Please Save My Earth cel in my Cel Gallery. :)

08/15/03 - I removed a lot of the sold cels in my
Cel Gallery & added a new section to the For Sale section - Patalliro / Patarillo Cels! :)

08/07/03 - And still the cels must go! I have put up a few new cels & sections in the
For Sale section. I also added a Sailor Moon MOTD Trade section to the For Sale section in the hopes someone will have the hundred or so MOTDs that I am missing :D

07/24/03 - UGH! Ok, this is harder than I thought. All of the Sailor Moon cels are now together & priced. Large scans are now up as well. I took down all the ones I haven't had time to get the information for. You can counter-offer, I only put prices on them because I got too many requests to do so! Also, I appreciate all the emails about the layout, etc. Just let me know these things so I can fix it!

07/18/03 - Prices are now up on the Sailor Moon Cels
For Sale. ^^;; I will get all (hopefully) cel information up this weekend. Also, there are new cels up For Sale - Laughing Target, Magic Knight RayEarth, Maris the Chojo, Marmalade Boy, RG Veda, Ranma 1/2, Tenshi ni Narumon, X! PLEASE read all of the information at the top of the sale page. Thanks! :D

07/17/03 -
Sailor Moon Cels from my Gallery are now up in the For Sale section. I will add information (sketches, etc.) as I confirm the condition of each & every one.

07/15/03 - I decided to put my gallery with prices on in
For Sale section. Much easier for all around :D I hate making offers anyways, so I imagine others do as well. Right now, I have put up Akazukin Cha Cha, Ayashi no Ceres, B't X, Battle Athletess Daiundoukai, Card Captor Sakura, CLAMP Campus Detectives, Escaflowne the Movie, Fire Tripper, Fushigi Yuugi Reproduction Cels, Himiko-den, Please Save My Earth, Violinist of Hameln & The Vision of Escaflowne TV.

These cels will remain in my Gallery until they are sold because I am too lazy to take them down. ^^;; Thanks! :)

07/14/03 - I'm taking offers on most of my cels. I am tired of dealing with people (and they know who they are!) that make cel collecting unpleasant. The Sailor Moon cels on the "main" pages are the last to go, but if you are interested in any of the cels on the character levels of Sailor Moon, let me know. I am still looking for MOTD cels I don't have & the ellusive Cyprine. For now I am keeping my last Nuriko cel (the main cel) and most of my Last Unicorn cels unless I get a really good offer for them. ^^;; If you want to know what I paid for any of them, or what is the min. I will take for them (which is really the set price since who would offer more than the minimum I would take?) just email me. I am just too tired to put them on my For Sale page right now, but I might later on. Thanks!

06/26/03 - Last Day for my
eBay auctions!

Also, all of my ryen.net emails are not able to send emails for some reason, although I can receive them just fine. So I am using an alternate email to send - amweber (at) cox . net.

06/20/03 -
eBay auctions! Please take a look :)

.~~ I am getting ready for another long business trip, so updates & emails will have to wait until I get back! .~~

05/30/03 - New cels & trading cards up
For Sale! New Tarot & Card Galleries as well :D

05/27/03 - The Long Animation Sale is now over. If you emailed me DURING the sale about a cel & I did not answer you, then email me again & I will honour that price. I lost some mail due to server problems. Also, more cards are up in the Card Gallery and the new index is also up. ^^;; In the Cel Gallery, there are
6 new Fancels & 1 new FireTripper cel in the
Cel Gallery.

05/05/03 - The Animation Sale will last for another two weeks. Japanese CDs are now listed with prices in the
For Sale section. The Card Gallery will be down as I rescan all of my cards for sale. As I finish, the gallery will be updated.

04/17/03 - Updated
Cels For Sale with a sale! All cels are marked down 5.00$ - 100.00$ off. Right now only Sailor Moon & Fushigi Yuugi are up, but I am trying to get the rest back up. Thanks!

04/14/03 - My
Cel Gallery is once again being revamped with all new (and hopefully faster-loading) images. No more grainy, pixilised lines! So far Inuyasha & Sailor Moon is back up, please check back for the rest. Same for my For Sale Section; I hope to have it back up by the end of the week.Thanks!

~~I will be out of town 10 - 14 March 2003 & 24 March - 04 April 2003 on business, so I can not answer emails during that time.~~

03/06/03 - New Cels up in the
Cel Gallery! New Inuyasha, Card Captor Sakura (layouts for both as well!) and a brand new section - Please Save My Earth! I finally managed to get my hands on some :) I also changed the layout of the Cel Gallery somewhat so you can see how many cels are in each gallery & quickly see what section has been updated.

Also, I am getting rid of my anime collection!
Japanese anime CDs & Japanese anime tapes are up for sale!

03/03/03 - My mother had knee surgery today, so I will be helping her this week; so please excuse my slow email response!

02/24/03 - More Auctions up as promised. Aeon Flux, Monty Python, Slayers TV, Ruin Explorers, etc. And more cels up as well for auction! Inuyasha TV & Commercial, Sailor Moon, a neat 8 cel sequence from Countdown (only 5.00$!) & Tira from Bakaretsu / Sorcerer Hunters. Please check them out
here! I also have movies, XD-Files tapes and LOTS of Japanese CDs from my collection - Sailor Moon, Bronze / Zetsuai, Slayers, etc. Please take a look on my Sale Page! I also have lots of Ranma tapes - some unopened (I bought the DVDs) for the OAV series & the first four season will be up for sale soon. Thanks.

02/23/03 -
New Auctions up & lots of neat anime stuff up For Sale. Manga, videos, doujinshi paper, etc. More cels will go up on eBay later as will some Monty Python DVDs :D

! Rumiko Takahashi, Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha, Other Works & Vampire Princess Miyu! Be sure to check out my all-new (well, redesigned)
Fan Cel section - new fancels from Amy up. ^-^

01/10/03 - New cels up in my
Cel Gallery! Rumiko Takahashi, Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha, Other Works & Vampire Princess Miyu! Be sure to check out my all-new (well, redesigned) Fan Cel section - new fancels from Amy up. ^-^

01/01/03 - Happy New Year!

My auctions end in 24 hours, so please take a look. There are still a lot of cels up for grabs, including a rare Inuyasha 1997 commercial cel for only 200.00$. A complete list follows or you can go to the other links;
http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/ryen or (with pictures) http://ryen.net/sale/ebay12-26-02.html This is the first auction set I have had with so many items, so please be patient while I sent out auction invoices. All payments are due within 7 days from my email, so you will still get the same amount of time to send payment. Thanks!

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