2004 News Archive!

12/01/04 - New auctions up! - Inuyasha & Sailor Moon~

11/23/04 - A new section in the For Sale section - Anime Tarots Cards!  8 full deck of official Japanese Anime Tarot decks from my collection are now up for sale at this time - Angelique, Gensomaden Saiyuki, 2 Gundam Wing Tarots, Sol Bianca (US release), Utena  / la fillette révolutionnaire, Vision of Escaflowne Tarot & Weiß Kreuz!

11/13/04 - A family emergency has me out of town for an undetermined amount of time - thoughts & prayers for my cousins & aunt are appreciated.

11/12/04 - More Cels For Sale!

10/22/04 - Lots of things for sale!  All new Anime Cel Auctions, lots of Anime Trading Cards plus some Anime / Animation Videos (VHS).  Plus my auctions are ending soon from the last time.   Take a look & email me with any questions!

10/18/04 - Opening bids reduced 50% for all auctions that did not sell last time with no reserve! Please take a look at my auctions!Thanks!

10/14/04 - Last day for auctions!

10/08/04 - Lots of auctions!My business trip was cancelled so I have put up a lot of my gallery cels on eBay - Fushigi Yuugi TV, Escaflowne, Last Unicorn, Yu Yu Hakusho, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Vampire Princess Miyu OAV, The Slayers, Elementalors & lots of production backgrounds!  Please take a look!

09/29/04 - Even more new cels sale on my Sale Page - Ayashi no Ceres, Card Captor Sakura, Chou Kusenkiyo, Gulliver Boy, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon & Sailor Moon Cheap / Free.

09/27/04 - New Cels for sale on my Sale Page!  New Cels (and sections!) for Papuwa-kun, Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Cheap / Free Cels, Unknown Series, Vision of Escaflowne, YAT Anshin! & Yu Yu Hakusho!  Please take a look if you are interested.  I will be putting up the old categories with more cels as soon as I can.

09/06/04 - My auctions for Original Watercolour Production Backgrounds are ending today! Also, I have lots of Sailor Moon cels that will be ending tomorrow. Please take a look at my auctions! Thanks!

08/31/04 - 27 Original Watercolour Production Backgrounds on auction! All auctions start at 1.00$ with no reserve. All of these are from unknown Japanese anime (including a Hunter X Hunter background from episode 15!). I will have another round up after these. Please take a look :)

08/21/04 - My Inuyasha Cel Collection is now on auction! Please take a look :)

08/18/04 - New cels on auction! and new cels up in the For Sale section.

08/07/04 - I finally have access to my web site!  Yay!  I have also added 34 cels to eBay : Please check them out!

In the meantime I will try to fix my sales page.  Thanks!

07/04/04 - Due to circumstances all items on the Sales Page will be unavailable until August.  All current orders (that have been confirmed) will be processed as usual when payment has been received.  However, no new orders until 1 August 2004.

 I will probably not be answering emails at this time.  I have disabled the Contact & Order forms.   If you really need to reach me, you can email me at lostdragon AT ryen.net.

06/30/04 - Still way out of it thanks to lovely pain pills that knock me out for large bits of time.  I hope to be able to go back to work next week and I will answer emails then.

06/23/04 - Spent the day at the doctors & hospital because I broke some of my toes & tore ligaments, cartilage & a tendon in my knee yesterday.   So!   I will be a lot slower answering email.  I am supposed to stay in bed with my legs elevated for awhile.  :P

I am really really really tired, so I haven't been answering email as quickly.  Please wait a bit, or send again if you must.  I also have a lot of spam email coming in all of a sudden, so it is taking longer.  Sorry :(

Regarding Cel Offers - I am accepting offers on my gallery (yes, even Last Unicorn) however I am accepting offers. If I had a price in mind it would be on my For Sale Page. Thanks! =^o^=
**05/10/04 - Please note I have already sold most of my LU cels at this time.

06/14/04 - A few more cels on auction!  I think most are sold at this time, but there is a Kagome & a Sesshoumaru left :D

05/23/04 - 78 total actions on eBay I added about 18 more cels today.  I will add a few more cels tomorrow, but that is it for me!  WHEW!  Please bid often ^-^

05/19/04 & 05/20/04 - 58 New Auctions on eBay!   I have anime cels, anime videos, anime magnets, anime plushies, anime UFO catchers, anime pins, anime stamps, anime stuff everywhere!  I have some very "unique" items - an Inuyasha washcloth, Fushigi Yuugi coaster & a coin purse.  Plus complete sets of Inuyasha & Fushigi Yuugi UFO catcher plushies!  Nuriko TV anime cels, um... I actually put up a lot more than I thought I would.  I think I'll save the rest of the anime items until this set is over.  I'll probably just add a few more cels tomorrow & that will be it for this set.  Please take a look!
Thanks :D

05/18/04 - New Galleries Up! Yu Yu Hakusho & Sailor Moon SuperS PP Magnet sets up in the
Card Gallery & 3 new Tarot Cards up! Marie Atelier, Vision of Escaflowne & Angelique (1st set).

I also am getting ready to put up about 20 anime cels from my
Sale Page up on eBay, as well as other anime items. I hope to have them up by Friday.

Also - 2 new websites -
My Ferret Website & My Dolls Website I'll be moving these links to the Links page soon. ^^;;;

05/02/04 - Last 4 Days of my
1/2 Price Cel sale! :)

04/27/04 - A flurry of activity (for me! :) New Tarot Cards up as well as more Trading Cards!

04/22/04 - 1/2 Price Cel sale on marked sections! This
Cel Sale will last 2 weeks.

04/19/04 - Last day for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on CD (audio book). I have also put up more Sailor Moon & Yu Yu Hakusho cards in the Card Gallery. And, finally, new Japanese Manga (Sailor Moon, Sailor V & Fushigi Yuugi) in the For Sale section.

04/10/04 - My
cel auctions on eBay end in two days. I have also put 9 complete anime series (subtitled videos) on eBay!

04/05/04 - A special on
Bronze / Zetsuai Cels & new Cel auctions on eBay! Please take a look!

03/12/04 - A new Slayers cel up in the
Cels for Sale section & prices on the Zetsuai / Bronze cels (I forgot to put them on last time :D ).

Also any & all thoughts / prayers for Buddy would much be appreciated.

03/08/04 - More
Cels for Sale!   (btw, these pictures won't be here long, I am making a pet site *^-^*;;;;)

02/20/04 - I have made a Updates page specifically for my
Cel Gallery.  You can find the link in the top right corner - it is the word "updated" in the "Last Updated" tag.

01/01/04 - Happy New Year! 


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