2005 News Archive!

12/27/05 - Brand new cel auctions on eBay!

12/08/05 - Last day for (new) anime cels on auction at eBay

12/02/05 - Last day for anime cels on auction at eBay

11/26/05 - New anime cels on auction at eBay

10/16/05 - added prices to the New Cels for sale from the 12th. ^^;;

10/12/05 - New Cels for sale - Inuyasha, Bakaretsu Hunters & Sailor Moon! - Inuyasha, Bakaretsu Hunters & Sailor Moon!

10/02/05 - 3 days left for Japanese anime art books on eBay!

08/29/05 - Japanese anime cels & backgrounds now up on eBay!

08/20/05 - Japanese tarot cards now up on eBay!

08/18/05 - Japanese Tarot Card auctions will start tomorrow!  After over a month I am starting my auctions up again!  Anime Tarot Card sets! :)

07/01/05 - Japanese anime trading cards & albums now up on eBay!

06/17/05 - Japanese anime cels now up on eBay!

06/03/05 - Japanese anime trading cards now up on eBay!

05/25/05 - Japanese anime soundtracks now up on eBay!

05/16/05 - Pencil boards / shitajiki now up on eBay! (a day early thanks to eBay's .10 insertion sale)

05/15/05 - Weeks of Auction Style Garage Sale! Studio Ghibli DVD player & 9 Ghibli DVDs now up.

03/29/05 - 50% sale on Sailor Moon villains!

03/21/05 - I am now taking offers on my Last Unicorn cel gallery.  The Unicorn story board is NOT for sale; I have had it professionally framed. 
I will also have a 50% off sale on all Sailor Moon villains in my For Sale section.  This will start once I get back in town (i.e. Monday, 28 March 2005).


03/14/05 - The Charity cel auctions in Mary Jane's memory were a huge success!  The total bids amounted to 2071.00$ & I was able to send a cheque to the
Ferrets R #1 Rescue & Placement Organization for 2500.00$  Thank you all so much for not only sending your kind thoughts, but for spreading the word and for bidding!  ^_^


03/08/05 - Last Day for Mary Jane's Animation Cel Charity Auctions! Please take a look on eBay!  Thank you all very much! :D

03/01/05 - Mary Jane's Animation Cel Charity Auctions have started!  All cels are 10.00$ with NO RESERVE!  Read more about it here or go directly to eBay to bid!  Thank you all very much! :D

02/17/05 - Announcing Charity Cel Auctions in memory of Mary Jane - all cels start at 10.00$ & no reserve. Auctions begin March 1, 2005. Read more about it here!

02/08/05 - Last Unicorn animation cel auction! Also, I have put most of the Cels I have for sale in the For Sale section on the Rubberslug shop, most at lower prices! I will make a quick page with links to view my items since I can't find a way to search by seller.

12/15/04 - Primo cels on auction - Fushigi Yuugi TV & OAV, Vampire Princess Miyu OAV, Card Captor Sakura BANK cel, B't X; as well as very cute UFO catcher plushies of Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru & Nuriko!

12/13/04 - I put some really cute Sailor Moon Cels on auction and there are only three days left!  A
lso, when it rains, it pours.  Thoughts & prayers for my cousin are very much appreciated.


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