2007 News Archive!

12/27/07 - Last set of auctions for this year on eBay.  They will end on Jan 3rd 2008!     - I will take offers as well.  Thanks :D

10/02/07 - 1.00$ Auctions on eBay - Last day for binsen; lots more video sets added - Ranma 1/2 seasons 3 & 4, Burn Up W, Dirty Pair, etc.

09/25/07 - 1.00$ Auctions on eBay - right now, full sets of brand new subtitled anime videos & doujinshi binsen (stationary!).

08/13/07 - My email @ryen.net is not working right - It bounces & I don't receive half of what is sent to me.  if you've sent me an email & I haven't replied, please send again.  Or you can email me at ameweber@cox.net in case of an emergency.

04/16/07 - More cels & backgrounds up on eBay!  I'm trying to get everything out the door by the end of the year! :D  Please take a look!

03/10/07 - Nothing like a trip to the ferrets' vet to get me motivated!  I have put some cel books (1$), cel backgrounds (1-5$) and cels (1$+) up on eBay.  Please take a look!

03/02/07 - More cels up on my For Sale page; this time a second page of Sailor Moon cels.  I'll start putting up cels on eBay (hopefully) within a week.

02/20/07 - Before these cels & backgrounds hit eBay, they are up for a week or so on my For Sale page!  I will accept reasonable offers with multiple purchases, etc.  More to come as I finish cleaning out my cel books!


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